Sophia Sobers is an interdisciplinary artist investigating the boundaries between science, technology, nature and the spiritual. Her work ranges from installation and sculpture to drawing, photography, and digital objects. She holds an MFA in Digital + Media from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BS in Architecture at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She currently teaches at the University of Pittsburgh.

Sophia Sobers is available for commissions, exhibition and installation opportunities and most work on this website is available for sale and exhibition.

Contact: studio.sobers [@] gmail.com


SOMETIMES (an artist statement)

  • Sometimes, plants are involved.
  • Sometimes, a space sits empty.
  • Sometimes, a vision grows in the head.
  • Sometimes, I work with plants.
  • Sometimes, light is involved.
  • Sometimes, it’s natural.
  • Sometimes, artificial.
  • Sometimes, as in a majority of the time, these plants are bound by fabric.
  • Sometimes, as in fifty percent of the time, plants are grouped together with chairs and tables and called “sculptures.”
  • Sometimes, as in a quarter of the time, they are scanned with devices to rebuild their physical presence digitally.
  • Sometimes, as in ten percent of the time, I photograph them.
  • Sometimes, as in none of the time, and all of the time simultaneously, I just look at them, and absorb their presence.
  • Sometimes, it is a meditative practice.
  • Sometimes, it is a spiritual journey.
  • Sometimes, as in all the time, this is my art.