POWER TOOLS is a series of soft sculptures of plugs, power strips, and USB chargers, doubling as interactive plush furniture and limp, sheer ghostly forms.

POWER TOOLS | ON CANAL is a presentation of the POWER TOOLS as a means for relaxation and reflection. Visitors are welcomed to stop in and spend time with the work during the duration of the exhibition at 320B Canal St, New York, NY 10013.

PLUGGED IN (Two-Pronged), a group of sheer, hand-sewn scaled up models of the omnipresent electrical welcomes visitors as they enter the space, dangling overhead.

PLUGGED IN (Three-Pronged) is a fluffy, white oversized interpretation of the equally ubiquitous grounded plug awaits curled up into a doubled version itself. The centerpiece is POWER TOOLS, a massive, stuffed, zoomorphic six-terminal power strip. It’s surrounded by equally cuddly adaptors akin to iPhone USB power supplies.

The pieces are presented with a series of slides exploring the plugs’ formal qualities. These 3D models were Sobers’s starting point for creating the sewing patterns and related drawings for these soft sculptures. Here, they appear in various configurations: superimposed, serialized, distorted.

POWER TOOLS was also presented as PLUGGED-IN, a smaller immersive installation in a former dressing room in AAP’s 106th Annual Exhibition.