Raw Substance

My work will be part of Raw Substance, curated by Jacqueline Cruz, at Art Kitchen in Newark, NJ.

Opening Reception: Friday, October 21st, 7-10 PM, during the Newark Open Doors Gallery Crawl

Raw Substance is a group exhibition consisting of artists who explore “non-traditional” materials through alternative processes. This exhibition takes a closer look at raw materials such as organics, resin, encaustics, textiles, handmade biodegradable paper to light photography. Furthermore, this exhibition focuses on artists who continually investigate and push the boundaries of medium specificity. At times these materials require labor-intensive techniques that can be unfortunately lost in visual translation when exhibited through a subjective or thematic trajectory. Preservation and sustainability have also become of a greater challenge for artists and conservators alike. Raw Substance highlights artists who consider the effects of time, perishability and deteriorating effects as an important criterion of their artistic expression.